MOFADM 366 - Proofreading Techniques - 1 unit

Course Description...
This self-paced course addresses the basic skills needed in the process of catching and correcting errors in handwritten or printed text by using proofreader’s marks. These proofreading skills involve intense concentration on each word, figure, and punctuation mark in the text being checked. In addition, grammar, punctuation, and spelling rules are reviewed to enhance basic editing skills. The most frequent grammar errors encountered in proofreading are covered.

Textbook and Supplies...
Proofreading and Editing Precision, Pagel & Norstrom, 6e
2 - Scantron 882 Forms
1 - USB Drive
1 - Dictionary

It is recommended that you plan to spend five hours a week working on this course. You may attend any of the hours that the Center is open. At the time of registration, you should plan your schedule so that you will complete the course.

To record your hours of attendance, you will “log in” and “log out” on our login computer as you enter the OAC. Experience has shown that students who can attend several times a week do better than students who have irregular attendance.

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