MOFADM 364 - Grammar in the Office - 1 unit

Course Description...
Grammar in the Office is a short course in basic English grammar for office employees. You will be refreshing your knowledge of nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, prepositions, and conjunctions. You will study some business vocabulary. You will review punctuation marks, the use of capitals, and the expression of numbers—as applied to business documents. “Grammar in the Office” will give you the knowledge you need to communicate in today’s business office.

Textbook and Supplies...
Rowe College Business English, by Mary Anderson Bogle
4 – Scantron Forms 882

You should plan to spend about 30 hours on your assignments. Much of your work can be done at home or in the Library, but you will need to be in the OAC to do the computer exercises and to take the quizzes and the final examination.

To record your hours of attendance, you will “log in” and “log out” on our login computer as you enter the OAC. Experience has shown that students who can attend several times a week do better than students who have irregular attendance.

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