MOFADM 306 - Keyboarding for Accuracy - 1/2 unit

Recommended for Success

MOFADM 301 or the ability to keyboard 20 wpm by touch.

Course Description

Designed for students who need to improve their keyboarding accuracy.

This self-paced computer keyboarding course will diagnose a student’s current skill and prescribe appropriate practice materials to improve accuracy. Students taking this course should already know the basic key locations by touch and key at least 20 words a minute.

Textbook and Supplies

Skillbuilding—Building Speed and Accuracy on the Keyboard, 3rd edition, by Eide, Rieck and Klemin


You will do all your keyboarding in the Office Administration Center (Founders Hall 131). You need to spend at least 5 hours per week on assignments. Your attendance is recorded on the log-in computer in the front of the classroom.

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